Near Eastern Languages and Cultures | Advanced Arabic I
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Advanced Arabic is intended for students who are committed to
mastering the Arabic language. It aims at providing students with a
firm foundation in Arabic language and culture for students in both
the Modern and Classical fields. It strives for a balanced approach
to the full range of language skills: reading, writing, speaking and
oral comprehension. Special attention is given to consolidating
studentsí mastery of syntax and morphology with a view to developing
accuracy in reading, translation, expression and comprehension, and
expanding vocabulary. The course combines modern materials on a
range of subjects with an introduction to selected classical Arabic
and Islamic texts.

Intermediate Arabic (A250/650) or Intensive Quranic Arabic
(N182/N502) or through NELC placement test.

Attendance and participation; written and oral homework; written and
oral quizzes; midterm and final examinations.