Near Eastern Languages and Cultures | Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language I
A698 | 26388 | Balim-Harding

The course aims to develop and practice skills and techniques for
teaching Arabic as a Foreign/Second Language to adults, in the
context of a) recent approaches and research into language and
language teaching; b) national needs for learning Arabic and
national recommendations and standards (such as Proficiency
Guidelines); and c) Arabic language applied at NELC.

Course Aims
- To introduce the linguistic and cognitive dimensions of language
(including pragmatic semantics, grammar, written and spoken
- To acquaint the students with the principles and the current
issues related to learning a first and a foreign/second language.
- To enable students to apply the principles of performance based
language teaching/learning to Arabic in the context of NELC Arabic
- To enable the students to evaluate, adapt, and be able to
integrate instructional media used in learning and teaching Arabic
as a foreign language: textbooks, audio and audio-visual materials
and computer-assisted language learning materials as well as writing
new materials.
- To introduce the students to recent trends and research in
language teaching and learning.

NOTE: This course is open to Graduate Students with 2.5 years of
Arabic, or by Departmental Consent.