Near Eastern Languages and Cultures | Intermediate Kurdish I
K200 | ALL | Kilic

This course aims to further enhance students’ skills in the Kurmanji
dialect of Kurdish, which is the dialect spoken by 15,000,000 of the
estimated 27 – 30 million speakers of Kurdish world-wide. Kurmanji
is found in an area that extends across many cultural habitats.
Areas where Kurmanji is spoken include: Lebanon and Syria, Turkey,
as well as Iraq and Iran. Kurmanji is also the exclusive dialect in
the former Soviet Republics of the Trans-Caucasus and Central Asia.
It is a useful language in Western Europe, where approximately
1,000,000 Kurds reside.

By the end of this course, students will feel more confident in
their ability to converse with native speakers, their ability to
read and discuss simple texts, as well as their ability to write
basic essays in the Kurmanji dialect.