Near Eastern Languages and Cultures | Transnational Islam: Muslim Communities in the West
N204 | 24278 | Balim-Harding, C

This is an interdisciplinary survey course, which – through the
combination of lecture and discussion-led seminar – examines the
social and cultural aspects of the contemporary Muslim communities
in the West as “transnational societies” and their interaction with
other Muslim communities in the world. The course will use Germany,
France, Britain, the Netherlands, and the U.S.A. as case studies.
Course materials will include books, articles, recent research
results, and various media forms including films by and about these
transnational communities.

Course Aims
* To acquaint students with the factual details of the history, the
contemporary distribution, as well as the social and cultural status
of the Muslims and their organizations in the West.
* To acquaint students with the cultural and literary products of
the Muslim transnational communities in the West.
* To introduce students to such concepts as “transnational
communities,” “hybridity,” “identity,” and “border-crossing” within
the context of post-colonial studies, as well as theories of
languages and communities in contact.
* To introduce students to sources of research on contemporary
Muslim communities in the West.

Course Requirements

Undergraduate Students:
* Weekly written assignments
* One oral presentation
* One 5,000 word essay

Graduate Students:
* Two oral presentations
* One 7,500 word essay