Near Eastern Languages and Cultures | Arabic Phonetics and Phonology
N329 | 26530 | Al-Ani

This course is designed to introduce Arabic Phonetics and Phonology
utilizing scientific phonetics, practical and theoretical, as well
as instrumental and physiological advancements made in the field of
Phonetics. Also, the theoretical phonological process will be
introduced and applied to Arabic phonology.

Diachronic phonetics and phonology will be introduced, discussed,
and brought into focus. Features including emphatics or tafkhim,
majhurah, and mahmusah (voiced vs. voiceless) will be covered.

Course Requirements
A midterm and final examination. A term paper is also required.

Required Texts

* Al-Ani, Salman H. Arabic Phonology: An Acoustical and
Physiological Investigation
* Al-Ani, Salman H. (Ed.) Selected Articles on Phonetics and
Phonology from Readings in Arabic Linguistics (Vol. I)
* Ladefoged, Peter A Course in Phonetics (New Edition)