Near Eastern Languages and Cultures | Introduction to Islamic Civilization
N565 | 22485 | Martin

An introduction to medieval Islamic history and culture, with a
special emphasis on the historical role of the Islamic religion. The
course will cover the origins, rise, and middle periods of Islamic
civilization to approximately 1800 CE. Topics to be covered will
include pre-Islamic Arabia, the life and times of Muhammad, the
Koran and the basic teachings of Islam, the Islamic conquests and
the caliphate, and the major aspects of mature Islamic civilization
such as law, sects, theology, science and philosophy, mysticism,
literature, art, and the relationship between state and religion. We
will also discuss the relevance of these topics for the modern
Islamic world.

The undergraduate section satisfies the COAS Social and Historical
Studies, Cultural Studies List A, and Intensive Writing
requirements. To qualify for Intensive Writing credit it is
necessary to also register in COAS W333.