Near Eastern Languages and Cultures | Seminar in Classical Arabic Literature: Praise Poems to the Prophet
N707 | 23677 | Stetkevych

This course will consist of the close reading and contextual study
of the tradition of Mada’ih Nabawiyyah (Praise Poems to the Prophet)
focusing on three main texts: the Burdahs of Ka’b ibn Zuhayr and al-
Busiri, and the Nahj al-Burdah of Ahmad Shawqi, as well as
additional related texts from the Arabic tradition. We will examine
the texts themselves and the traditions of relics and miracles,
commentary, expansion, imitation and translation that grow out of
them. Students who work in other Islamic languages are welcome to
present related works from other traditions.

Grades will be based on class attendance and participation (33%);
class presentations (33%); and a final research paper (33%).

Reading knowledge of Classical Arabic.