Political Science | Election 2008
Y200 | 25083 | Burmila

Meets 2nd 8 weeks only.

Election 2008 is an introduction to the dynamics of presidential and
Congressional elections in the United States. While we will rely
heavily on contemporary events and the impending election to bring
the core concepts of the course to life, you will also leave the
class with a detailed understanding of the history and evolution of
the electoral process. In other words, we will focus on the present
but take care to understand the past. We will ask and answer
question about candidate strategies, the impact of the media, the
behavior of the electorate, and the formal structure of campaigns

The course has no formal prerequisites and it will assume no prior
in-depth knowledge about American elections. However, it is a good
idea for students to come into the class with at least a basic
understanding of American politics from a course such as Y103 or a
good high school Government class. The course entails a moderate
reading load, two exams, written assignments, and participation in
class projects and presentations.