Political Science | Russian Politics
Y332 | 28008 | Smyth

When the Soviet Union collapsed suddenly in 1991, the world
community was full of optimism about the emergence of a stable,
democratic regime.  Fifteen years later, analysts agree that
democracy failed to take root in Russia.  This course will explore
political development in Russia with the goal of explaining the lack
of citizen influence in the policy process.  The course will focus
on topics such as the Marxist-Leninist legacy, the role of economic
reform, the inability of society to demand government response, and
the structure of the new Russian regime.  Readings will be drawn
from a textbook (White and Gittleman: Developments in Russian
Politics 6), scholarly articles, newspapers and popular press, and
contemporary fiction.  The class will also view two or three films.
Grades will be based on homework assignments, a short discussion
paper (five to seven pages), and a midterm and final exam.