Political Science | Globalization
Y362 | 26795 | Rathbun, N

This course is an introduction to globalization and identity
politics for students of international relations and international
political economics. The primary purpose of this course is to
enhance students' understanding of the ways in which two
contradictory but contemporaneous developments of convergence and
divergence occur in the international politics of modern times.  At
the same time that the world is becoming a smaller, more
interconnected place, people are stressing the differences between
them more and more.  What is globalization and why is it occurring?
In order to answer this basic question, we will spend significant
time covering changes in international finance and international
economics.  How and to what extent has it changed international
politics? What are its effects?  What is the relationship between
globalization and identity politics?  This course will analyze the
winners and losers of globalization, study the emerging threats
posed by both globalization and identity politics, and identify and
evaluate possible ways to address these problems.