Political Science | International Relations: Approaches & Issues
Y569 | 26805 | Thompson

Y569 is considered the gateway course (A and I) for further study in
International Relations.  It assumes no previous background in IR,
but it also assumes that all students in the course have a
professional interest in the development of the subfield.  The
emphasis throughout is theoretical, as opposed to descriptive,
empirical or normative concerns.  The study of international
relations is cursed or blessed with a wide spectrum of alternative
assumptions and frameworks for its study.  Surveying this spectrum
of choices, and their historical and analytical evolution, is the
primary objective of the course.  After completing the survey,
students cannot expect to be experts in IR theory but, at least,
they will have some better-than-average understanding of the
theoretical landscape that will serve as one prerequisite to
preparing for preliminary exams.