Political Science | Comparative Politics
Y657 | 23682 | Ganguly

Topic:  Ethnicity, Politics & Violence in South Asia
This section meets with Y669 and the class meets at 825 E. 8th Street

Every conceivable form of ethnic conflict has wracked the states of
South Asia. They stem from colonial legacies, from the breakdown of
political institutions and from social tensions concomitant with
dramatic economic changes. This course will survey a number of
competing theoretical explanations for ethno-religious conflict and

There are two components to the course. It will initially focus on a
substantial corpus of literature from the fields of comparative
politics and international relations on ethnicity and political
violence. It will then turn to an application of this literature to
the South Asian context

All students will be expected to write a substantial term paper on a
particular case and also present the findings in a brief class
presentation. The course does NOT assume any prior knowledge of
South Asian politics.