Political Science | Political Philosophy: Approaches & Issues
Y675 | 23411 | Craiutu

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to a variety of
approaches and issues in political philosophy. Half of the class
will be devoted to reading and commenting on canonical texts such
as: Plato’s Republic, Aristotle’s Politics, Machiavelli’s The
Prince, Hobbes’s Leviathan, Rousseau’s Social Contract, and
Tocqueville’s Democracy in America. After examining in detail each
of these classic texts, we shall then turn our attention to
exploring the various ways in which these works have been
interpreted by modern theorists (Leo Strauss, Quentin Skinner,
Sheldon Wolin, Michael Oakeshott, Isaiah Berlin, William Connolly)
and their disciples. Feminist interpretations of the classic texts
will be considered. Students will be asked to write a research
paper, a review of a recently-published book, and an annotated