Psychology and Brain Sciences | Social Judgement and Person Perception
P448 | 26614 | Smith, E.

Prerequisite: P320

This course examines how we perceive other people and make judgments
about them, with a special focus on how these processes play out in
our social networks of acquaintances and friends.  We will discuss
questions such as: how are reputations constructed and spread as
multiple others form impressions of an individual and share them
(e.g., in gossip)?  What errors and biases influence our perceptions
of others, and how accurate are social perceptions and reputations?
What effects do stereotypes and emotions have on the ways we
perceive and react to other people? How can someone monitor and
control his or her own reputation? We will include discussion of
person perception and reputations in relation to politics and the
legal system.   The course will be conducted seminar-style, with
extensive class discussion.