Psychology and Brain Sciences | Practicum in Clinical Psychology
P690 | 26628 | Holtzworth-Munroe, A.

Title: Divorce Mediation: Developing and Testing New Interventions
for Difficult Cases

This new practicum will focus on developing and empirically testing
the efficacy of interventions for families in divorce mediation. The
practicum will be co-taught by Holtzworth-Munroe and D’Onofrio. It
will be conducted in collaboration with the IU Law School’s divorce
mediation clinic (led by Professor Amy Applegate). Likely, the Law
School clinic will refer to our clinic couples with children who are
having difficulty with the divorce mediation process and who thus
might benefit from different, new, or more intensive interventions.
Our practicum will focus on identifying and using such
interventions. Other options will include modifying existing
interventions or developing new interventions. The practicum class
will also focus on gathering data to examine the efficacy of any of
the interventions we use. This class requires flexibility as
students will be exposed to the process of identifying, trying, and
testing new interventions for difficult cases.

Special notes:
	-Permission from the instructor is required for
	-Students must enroll for the full academic year (i.e., can
not take just one semester of P690).
	-Unless other arrangements are pre-approved by both
Holtzworth-Munroe and D’Onofrio, students in P690 must also
register for D’Onofrio’s P657 course in the Fall semester.
	-Students will be expected to devote the entire week of
November 12th (full-time) to relevant training experiences,
including a 2 day clinical workshop and a 2.5 day
conference on divorce mediation (both to be held on
	-Advanced students may have the option of taking the IU Law
School’s divorce mediation training class, which is given
twice per year (once in August and once in January). Prior
approval from the instructors is required.