Sociology | Introduction to Sociology
S100 | 20327 | Noy

Who are you? Why? How much of your personality, your lifestyle, your
friends, your education, your relationships and your decisions are a
product of social structure and social forces? How much are due to
your agency in the world? In this course, we will examine the way in
which people shape and are shaped their social surroundings. We will
look at many aspects of social life, examining where and whether a
line can be drawn between public and private domains in gender,
religion, the family, the economy, educational institutions, business,
politics and governance, health, international relations, the
environment, food, death, inequality, entertainment, among others.
Hopefully you will leave this course with a developed "sociological
imagination": an ability to think critically and analytically about
your life and the world, which will be useful to you in any career.