Sociology | Introduction to Sociology
S100 | 20332 | Fashola

In this course you will learn to use the sociological imagination
(systematically looking for "public issues" that underlie "private
troubles, C.W. Mills) to discuss such topics as body image, the media,
mental illness, education, and inequality.  By attempting to discover
the general in the particular through an examination of text, film,
and the internet students are encouraged to look outside of their own
experience to understand the world around them.

Sociology is an exciting discipline and while most sociologists are
traditionally employed within academia, careers range from business to
law; for example, historical icons such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
and former president Ronald Reagan were sociologists.  Most
importantly, sociology offers a range of explanatory perspectives and
methodologies in the study of everyday life, from micro
(relationships) to macro (institutional change) perspectives. This
course will be an introduction into the diversity within this
fascinating discipline.