Sociology | Prof. Strategies for Sociology Majors
S493 | 28240 | Hosek

This is a one credit graded course open to interested sociology majors
(freshmen, sophomores, or juniors) or potential majors.

The goal of the course is to provide students with information that
will help them plan the remainder of their undergraduate education
and, ultimately, help them prepare for a career.  Students will learn
about the various occupations in which their sociology major and
liberal arts degree can be applied, focusing on the types of skills
and knowledge required for these occupations, and the relevant
coursework, research/internship opportunities, and graduate training
necessary to enter these occupations.  Students will also engage in
self-assessment to develop a better understanding of their own skills,
interests, and strengths.

This course will accomplish these goals through a variety of
activities (panels and presentations.)  There will also be an
individual reflection component to the class.  Students will complete
the StrengthsQuest program, which assists them in identifying core
strengths and interests.  They will engage in one-on-one discussion of
their interests and abilities with the instructor of the course, and
with a career counselor at the Career Development Center.  Purchase of
a new StrengthsQuest text (from the bookstore or TIS) is mandatory.

Attendance is mandatory.  There will be several brief homework
assignments.  There is no final exam.
Potential majors must contact for a permission.