Sociology | Topical Seminar I
S700 | 26204 | Corsaro

Topic: Social Interaction and Social Structure

This course is intended for students working on a research project in
social interaction and social structure, broadly conceived.  When they
enroll in the course, students are expected to have in mind a project
in this area that can be completed over the course of the semester.
The product of the course is a paper suitable for submission to a
professional journal or meeting.  The course will be run as a workshop
in the practicalities of doing research, writing up the results, and
publishing.  Issues related to study design, sampling, measurement,
methods of data analysis, interpretation, and writing, as these apply
to the specific projects being worked on, will be discussed each week.
Readings, apart from those in the literature being drawn upon in each
project, will be minimal.  The research products will be presented to
the class at the end of the semester.