Speech and Hearing Sciences | Childhood Dysarthria/Apprax. of Speech
S525 | 24229 | Forrest, Karen

Developmental apraxia of speech is a diagnosis that is used
clinically, usually to describe children with multiple and severe
difficulties with speech sound acquisition.  The precise criteria
for this diagnostic label have been the source of debate in the
research and clinical literature.  Most treatment protocols have not
withstood controlled investigations of their efficacy.  The goal of
this seminar is to define developmental apraxia of speech, determine
how it can be differentiated from other speech acquisition problems,
and become familiar with treatment protocols that appear to be
efficacious.  These goals will be met by investigating models of
speech production and its development, becoming familiar with the
experimental literature that has focused on differential diagnosis
of developmental apraxia, and evaluating different regimens that
have been recommended for treatment of this disorder.