Telecommunications | Video Documentary
T431 | 23550 | Osgood, R.

Fall Semester, M 2:30-3:45, W 2:30-5:00

Instructor's Name: Ron Osgood

Name of the Course: Designing Television Documentaries

Course Description:

Students will view television documentaries and analyze how
individuals, cultures, and events are described in these programs.
Students will discuss a variety of documentary genres and examine
the varied roles of the documentary producer as a historian,
explorer, social activist, journalist and entertainer.

In addition, students will research, develop and individually
prepare a proposed program treatment.  Selected proposals will be
assigned to teams and a full treatment will be completed.

This is an authorized course that requires T283 or permission of
An application for the course can be found at

Special Note Regarding Hands-on Documentary Course:

The treatments developed in this class will be the basis for the
hands-on documentary course that will be taught in spring 2007.


Text under consideration.


You will be evaluated individually and as a member of a team during
the semester.

There are weekly screening reaction papers, a midterm exam and a
full treatment for a proposed documentary.