Telecommunications | WTIU Production Workshop
T437 | 20700 | Winninger, J.

Instructor:  	John Winninger

Name of the Course:  WTIU News Forum

Course Description:

WTIU public television seeks 12-14 students for participation in a
continuing television series of newscasts entitled “WTIU NEWS
FORUM.”  This production is about local, national news features and
for the station’s 23-county southern Indiana broadcast area.  Class
members will be working under the supervision of John Winninger,
WTIU Senior Producer/Director, Tony Perkins, WTIU News Director,
Bill Shaw, WTIU news videographer and Professor Lesa Hadley-Major in
the School of Journalism.  Class meetings are Thursday evenings, 5PM
to 7PM for set-up and loading of video, graphic materials, and
Friday from 8:30 to noon for the taping.  The show airs on WTIU at
6PM on Fridays.

The equipment used is in the Department of Telecommunication studio
5.  As class members you will be the production crew for all of the
positions needed for the taping of this weekly show.  The set will
be new (to be built over the summer) and opportunities are there for
field shooting with the students in J-385 as well.  News Forum
course pre-requite is T-283, and consent of the production faculty.
This is a great course to get a solid foothold on newscast
operations for future employment when you graduate.  Keep in mind
that most commercial markets, and TV stations have daily news
departments and the news blocks are one of their main sources of

John Winninger
WTIU Senior Producer Director
Adjunct Faculty

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