Telecommunications | Topical Seminar in Design and Production
T452 | 20996 | Kelly, S.

T452 (20996) Topical Seminar in Design & Production:
Advanced Script Writing
Instructor: Susan Kelly
3 credit hours
Prerequisites: T206, T283, and T331

The goal of the course is to write the pilot and first 13 episodes
of an hour long dramatic series. The course will be structured as if
students have been hired as staff writers for an hour long dramatic
series with the instructor acting as executive producer/showrunner.
Students who are ‘hired’ will be assigned a specific episode to
write.  This means students will be writing as hired writers -
writing material for a producer, NOT for themselves.  The complete
scripts will be 40 – 45 pages.  Each writer will have two weeks to
write a script, will be given notes the following week, and will
have a week to complete revisions. The best script will be selected,
actors will be cast, and the script will be produced in the spring
semester of that academic year.

The basic premise for the show will be presented on day one. Writers
will then develop the storylines and characters during class time
and episodes will be assigned.  Over the course of the semester we
will map out the direction of the show for its first 5 years and
write the “bible” for the show.  Class time will be used to study
the art of writing TV dramas, break story ideas, develop characters
and their arcs, read scripts in progress, give notes, and write.

This class is for the committed writer.

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