Telecommunications | Intro to Telecommunications Policy Studies
T504 | 20709 | Cherry, B.

Tel. T504
Introduction to Telecommunications Policy Studies
Fall 2007
Prof. Barbara Cherry

T504 is the starting point for the graduate-level study of
telecommunications law, policy, economics and technology in the
Department of Telecommunications.  It prepares students for more
advanced law and policy courses at the 500 and 600 level, such as

T504 provides a selective overview of the law and public policies in
the United States affecting communications technologies.  It reviews
the development of the major bodies of law { constitutional law,
statutory law, common law, and administrative law { to regulate
telecommunications and mass media industries.  An awareness of
important historical developments in telecommunications policies
provides the necessary foundation for interpreting and analyzing
current issues and controversies arising from the evolution of
telecommunications technology towards more integrated networks and

This course presumes an undergraduate-level knowledge of the U.S.
legal and political system, U.S. electronic media law and policy,
electronic media technologies, and the structure of electronic media
industries. Students who did not study electronic media law and
policy and the electronic media industries in their undergraduate or
masters' programs will probably have to do additional readings, very
early in the semester, in order to be adequately prepared.