Telecommunications | Special Projects in Telecommunications
T540 | 23483 | Sheldon, L.

This is an advanced seminar in the creation and maintenance of
virtual worlds and online games. Focus is on producing and
delivering content. Topics we will be studying in depth include:
gameplay; character creation and advancement; storytelling; lore;
geography and mapping, systems; scripting; social interaction; game
engine feature sets; scheduling and delivery. Each student will be
building or coordinating delivery of content for one or more of
three current virtual world projects: Londontown, Arden or Virtual
Congress. It is expected that at the end of the semester students
will have a strong, working knowledge of the tasks and craft
involved in creating content for virtual worlds and online games;
and that we will have contributed substantially to our projects.
This course requires permission of the instructor, permission of the
student's advisor, and permission of the graduate director.