Anthropology | Anth of Youth & Adolescence
A200 | 30631 | Suslak

How does the life of an American teenager compare with that of young
people in indigenous Mexican communities, the urban centers of South
Asia, or war-torn southern Sudan? Why does adolescence sometimes come
to be seen as a particularly turbulent stage of life and adolescents
as a source or trouble for a society? How and when do young people get
mobilized to become agents of social and political change?

This course introduces students to the cross-cultural study of
adolescence and youth culture. In it we will cover some classic
anthropological concerns such as age sets, generational groups, and
rites-of-passage. We will also look at current investigations into the
roles that educational institutions and mass media play in the
production and globalization of youth culture. Other topics include:
how certain styles, ways of speaking and behaviors come to be seen as
particularly ‘youthful’, the nature of ‘generation gaps’, and the
impact that western-style adolescence is having on traditional ways of
conceptualizing how children become adults.