Anthropology | Global Performances
A208 | 15611 | Lamberth

This course is an introduction to performance taken broadly as
theatricality, performativity, and practice.  That is, we seek to
understand how performance is framed explicitly (i.e. ritual, theater,
dance) and implicitly (i.e. social life).  Applying anthropological
frameworks will help us to understand performance as 1) art that
illuminates the context of the culture from which it emerges, 2)
action that plays a role in constructing ideas about national and
ethnic identity, gender, and politics, and 3) a dynamic practice that
is continually changing.  This course has three goals: to understand
anthropological questions that performance brings up, to develop
ethnographic skills of participant-observation and analysis, and to
apply theoretical and analytical approaches from anthropology to
specific ethnographic case studies
Day to day activities will include discussion of assigned readings
both as a class and in small groups, viewing of videos of relevant
performances, and in-class writing exercises.  Requirements include 1
page summaries of six readings of the studentís choice, a 5-6 page
ethnographic description of a performance and a 10-12 page research
project analyzing a performance genre of the studentís choice.  This
class is useful for students as an introduction to anthropology,
ethnographic methods, and academic perspectives on performing arts.