Anthropology | Bioanthropology of Aboriginal America
B472 | 27028 | Cook

Above class COLL Intensive Writing Section

This course will review the demography, epidemiology, and variability
that physical anthropologists and other scientists have documented in
New World peoples, both prehistoric and modern. Research on Indian and
Inuit-Aleut peoples has shaped physical anthropology as a discipline
in the Americas, and we will spend some time looking at this
historical context.  Probably the most interesting and consistent
scientific issue throughout this history has been the isolation of the
American continents from the Old World as a force in human adaptation
and variation.  We will examine theories of the peopling of the New
World, the effects of diverse life ways on human biology, and the
massive biological and social changes that followed European colonization.

B472 is an intensive writing course.  We will stress clear, concise
presentation of ideas in all written work.  Students will gain
experience in using the writing style that anthropology journals
require.  We will spend about 10 percent of class time discussing your
written work.

Grades will be based on four papers (90%), and on participation in
class discussions (10%).   The first 3 papers are 5-8 page exercises
aimed at developing writing and critical skills.  They are worth 20%
each.  You may revise and resubmit any of these papers if the initial
grade is B or less.

The last paper is a longer critical review worth 30%