Anthropology | Voices of Women
E314 | 27042 | Stoeltje

This class approaches the study of women ethnographically and cross
culturally.  It emphasizes women’s experience, images of women, and
major influences on those experiences and images.  Women’s experience
and images of women will be viewed through documents, ethnographies,
and through women’s own voices (in writing, interviews, and film).
Emphasis will be placed on the social and cultural contexts in which
every woman lived or lives.  Influences include  the 16th c.  and 17th
c. witch hunts, the Suffrage movement in the U.S., and popular fairy
tales (in print and film).   We explore works on these topics from
several perspectives. In addition we will examine some anthropological
works on childbirth.  We will also read some ethnographic studies that
feature women in specific societies in Africa.  We will utilize the
work of the African-American scholar/writer, Zora Neale Hurston, both
her autobiographical statements and some of her short fiction.  We
will read some poetry of Hebrew women and some of or about Scottish

Students will work in groups to research specific topics, individuals
will write a contemporary fairy tale, and individuals will conduct
interviews with a specific woman whom they know about her experiences.
There will be several short exams over the readings throughout the
semester, but no final as the projects will take the place of a final