Anthropology | World Fiction and Cultural Anthropology
E400 | 27051 | Sterling

Above class meets 2nd eight weeks only

This course links literature and anthropology as means of
understanding culture.  Ethnographic writing and world fiction 
novels, short stories, poems, myths, folktales  are analyzed for what
they may differentially reveal about the social, cultural and
political lives of peoples around the world.  The course includes
three sections. The first explores recent anthropological writings
that have re-evaluated the relationship between fiction and
ethnography.  The second considers how aspects of social identity 
such as race, ethnicity, gender and religion  have been represented
in ethnography, fiction, and other works located ambiguously in
between.  The third section considers fictional and anthropological
writing that explore human experience particularly in relation to the
state.  Among the regions represented are Africa, Europe, the Middle
East, the Caribbean, and the United States.  Among the issues
discussed are colonialism, war, socialism, and immigration. Several
documentaries and brief readings will also be included in the course.