Anthropology | Anthropology of Citizenship
E400 | 27053 | Friedman

What does it mean for anthropologists to study citizenship,
traditionally the domain of political scientists and philosophers?  In
this course we will examine anthropological approaches that focus on
citizenship as a form of practice.  We will study how people
experience citizenship as a critical part of their identity and what
happens when that identity is changed or challenged.  We will explore
how citizenship is produced and reinforced in sites such as border
crossings and checkpoints, in written documents such as identity cards
and passports, and in acts such as voting or deciding to leave one’s
home country.  Course topics will include immigration and
multiculturalism, “mail-order marriages”, migrant workers, trafficking
in women and children, and refugees and asylum seekers, among others.
We will adopt a global perspective on citizenship practices,
questioning the role of national governments in the formation of
transnational identities.