Biology | Cell Biology Laboratory
L313 | 7180 | Surzycki, J

Course Format: One afternoon laboratory, one lecture and one
discussion section per week.

Prerequisites:  P: Biol L113 and L211, or Chem C342, or consent of
instructor. R: Biol L312, Chem C484.

Course Description: The course teaches both theory and techniques
used in the study of modern cell biology. We begin with more classic
experiments on cell respiration and photosynthesis, then onto
karyotype analysis, study of in vivo protein: protein interactions
affecting signal transduction pathways using the yeast two-hybrid
system, induction of apoptosis, one-step protein purification using
an expression vector, separation of peptides by gel electrophoresis,
and finally, western blot transfer and immuno-detection of the
purified protein.

Weekly Assignments: Flow sheets, quiz, laboratory notebook.

Exams/Papers: Two laboratory reports, a test upon the completion of
each exercise (nine tests +/-).