Biology | Invertebrate Zoology
Z374 | 7223 | Hall, S

Course Name: Invertebrate Zoology Lecture (Z374); Instructor: Course
Format: Lecture, 11:15A-12:05P, MWF, JH A106. (assuming the
place/time stay the same)

Course Description: Inverts compromise 99% of all animals on Earth
and are remarkably diverse.  With this almost incomprehensible
diversity as a backdrop, we will consider how invertebrates have
managed to solve life's major problems, organized around a few
simple themes and guided by evolution, ecology, and comparative
physiology.  We will also survey diversity of major invertebrate
groups.  Student may take lecture (Z374) without taking lab (Z375).

Weekly assignments: Reading from the text to supplement lecture

Exams/Papers: Two mixed format exams (essays, short answer,
matching) plus a cummulative final, announced and unannounced
quizzes, and short (1-2 page) essays.