Business | BUS F228 Introduction to Investment Banking
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BUS F228 Introduction to Investment Banking (1.5 cr.) Elective credit only. This
is a careers-based course that broadly covers the securities industry and institutional
finance as a whole, including venture capital, private equity, mezzanine investing,
and the public equity and debt markets. Specific to this learning is the role of
the investment banking firm within institutional finance including corporate advisory,
capital markets, research, sales and trading, and private wealth management. Although
many topics of corporate finance are integrated into the course, the focus is conceptual
not application as in 300-level and 400-level finance courses. Serves as a foundation
for F 428 Investment Banking I, and F 429 Investment Banking II, and F 390 Excellence
in Investment Banking Seminar.  This course is available the First eight-weeks of classes.