Business | BUS S310 Systems Analysis and Design
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BUS S310 Systems Analysis and Design (3 cr.) P or C: S 307. Analysis of an organization
and the subsequent design of solutions to meet business requirements are at the
heart of the information systems field. This course follows a structured process
called the systems development life cycle that companies use to identify and solve
business problems, although alternative methodologies are also covered. Students
learn tools and techniques for conducting projects, including how to gather system
requirements, how to construct models of business processes using data flow diagrams,
and the role of computer-aided software engineering (CASE) technology. Students
practice the discipline of systems analysis and design through a hypothetical case
situation; those wanting additional hands-on experience should also take S 410.
While S 310 emphasizes the system analyst role, all business students will benefit
from the ability to analyze the processes, data, and computer systems they will
encounter in their work as well as the knowledge of how to work with the system
analyst to define strategic business solutions.