Classical Studies | Problems in Classical Civilization
C494 | 7966 | Leach

CLAS-C 494  Problems in Classical Civilization:
	 Homo Ludens in Ancient Greek and Roman Society
Section 7966 / Leach

P: Junior or senior standing; open to majors only.  With the summer
Olympics likely still to be on some people’s minds, this year’s
topic explores the “seriousness of play” and the significance of
recreational activities as they engage both participants and
spectators within a social context. We will study Greek athletics
and the Olympics, the Greek symposion, chariot racing, hunting,
Roman symposia, the Roman amphitheater, and the Roman villa. Among
the readings will be selections from Homer, Greek lyric poets,
Pindar, Vergil, Horace, and Cicero’s and Pliny’s Letters.
Considerable attention will be given to images in the visual arts,
and cinematic interpretations of some forms of ancient contest will
be up for critique. Class participation will involve discussion of
prepared readings, short individual presentations, short written
assignments, and an on-going research project that will culminate in
a class report presentation and a substantial paper.

NOTE:  C494 is offered FALL only (and is required of all CLAS
civilization majors).