Classical Studies | Elementary Greek I
G100 | 7972 | Goh

CLAS-G 100  Elementary Greek I (4 cr)
Section 7972 / Goh

This course is the first semester of a year-long introduction to the
fundamentals of ancient Greek, which is intended to prepare students
to read Greek independently with a dictionary. Classes consist of
lectures on Greek grammar as well as in class drills and exercises
on morphology and translation. There is daily homework assignments,
weekly quizzes, two midterms, and a cumulative final exam, each of
which counts 20 percent towards the course grade.

Please note that the pace of this class is vigorous; students should
expect to spend at least two hours of preparation for every class
Missing consecutive days of class will set you back seriously and
may make it difficult or impossible to catch up completely. The
textbook is Donald J. Mastronarde, Introduction to Attic Greek
(University of California Press 1993). We will cover two units of
Mastronarde per week for the first several weeks. Once the units get
longer and more complex, we will cover one unit per week.

Please memorize the Greek alphabet before the first class meeting.
The alphabet is presented in Mastronarde Unit 1, as well as on the
corresponding website: