Classical Studies | Cicero
L307 | 26701 | Leach

CLAS-L 307  Cicero
Section 26701 / Leach

P: L250 or equivalent. The course has two aims: first, to improve
students’ skills in Latin reading and familiarity with grammatical
structures; and second, to study Cicero's role in the politics of
the late Roman Republic through readings in his orations and
selections from his letters. These readings will focus on the
political crises of Cicero’s consular year with a new slant. In the
middle of his work in exposing the Catilinarian conspiracy, Cicero
faced a second challenge when his elected successor was accused of
campaign bribery. While looking at the famous Catilinarians in
translation we will plunge into the thick of Roman political
intrigue in the oration “In Defense of Licinius Murena.” This lively
speech is full of insights into the Roman political process and
enlivened by witty caricatures of some famous fellow senators.
Midterm and final examinations; two papers (one short, one longer).