Collins Living Learning Center | Blackness in the Global Mind
L210 | 14438 | Sara Bagby Farmer

The 21st century opens on a stage of globalization and cultural pluralism that presents
changing images of Blackness. Who is “Black”?  Who defines Blackness?  How has the
experience of Blackness differed throughout time and space?  Answers to these questions
reveal the history of worldwide racial oppression, yet simultaneously offer possibilities for
change in the next generation’s struggle against racial injustice. From Africa to France,
Antigua to America, this course examines ways that people of African descent have
historically understood their own identity and experience, ways they have been understood
throughout the globe, and the implications for contemporary efforts to combat racism. This
course will address these questions through the multidisciplinary lenses of music, film, art,
theory, literature, and narratives. Students will engage their own racial/ethnic identity, its
relationship to Blackness in the world, and understand the roots of racism’s legacy in order
to move towards dismantling it.  The semester will culminate in students’ own articulation of
Blackness in the 21st century.