Collins Living Learning Center | Nexus: Intersections in Biology and Art
L210 | 15838 | Saul Nava

Art and biology may be seemingly two divergent fields of study, however in many ways both
overlap in our pursuit of knowledge.  In this course we will explore how and why art and
biology are indelibly intertwined in our society.  This course is meant to challenge historical
and contemporary perceptions about the objective/subjective study of life and nature.  We
will focus on four major intersections in art and biology: theme, representation, design
(biomimicry), and medium (bioart).  Some issues we will examine include the relationship
between artists and scientists, the co evolution of art and biology, the diversity of life and the
evolutionary process as an aesthetic, ethical issues in bioart, and the functional relationship
between aesthetics and natural world.  This course offers a “hands-on/ eyes-on” experience
of intersections in art and biology observed in our everyday lives: from architecture,
advertising, gardening to fashion and food.