Collins Living Learning Center | On Uncle Sam's Secret Service
L220 | 14439 | John Baesler

The world’s second oldest profession fascinates and appalls Americans equally. Are activities
like torture something, as President George W. Bush asserts, “Americans don’t do”? What
exactly have American intelligence agencies been doing? In this course we will examine how
the United States developed the largest intelligence apparatus in the world. We will discuss
the basic outlines of U.S. foreign policy since World War II and specific topics such as the spy
wars with the Soviet Union, CIA covert operations in Iran and Guatemala, attempts to
establish Congressional oversight over intelligence work, and the role of intelligence in the
“War on Terror. Some basic knowledge of U.S. history since 1945 is a prerequisite for success
in this course. More importantly, however, successful completion depends on careful reading
of the weekly assignments, active participation in class, and willingness to work in a small
group throughout the semester.