Collins Living Learning Center | Artists' Books: History and Practice
L310 | 30140 | Yara Cluver

Artistís books are a fairly recent phenomena where various types of media interact in
different ways and where concept is further emphasized through unique structures.  The
focus of this course is on practice where you will experiment with structure as it relates to
concept through both traditional and experimental bindings.  We will be cognizant of how
structure, materials, layout and design, and use of text convey and emphasize your ideas so
that craft and content are fully integrated in the books you make.  We will also explore the
evolution of artistsí books from the earliest forms, such as the livre díartiste, through the
explosion in creativity and concept that occurred in the 1960ís and beyond.  Through
readings and visits to the collections of the Lilly and Fine Arts Libraries, you will be exposed
to a vast array of possibilities for this medium.