Collins Living Learning Center | The Ecology of Eating
L320 | 27296 | Elizabeth Cafer du Plessis

Recent exposťs such as Michael Pollanís Omnivoreís Dilemma have drawn attention to the
rise of factory farms in the Midwest, providing a glimpse of the regionís agricultural and
environmental history. This course provides an in-depth examination of historical
documents and current scholarly writings on agriculture and the environment in the Midwest,
from the pre-Columbian era to the present.  Students will participate in a group research
project by locating historical materials on Indiana agriculture and environment. The class will
also interview guest speakers about their understandings of Indiana agricultural history. We
will use our collective research to create a public website featuring primary sources and
student projects, such as essays or photographs. Most classes will consist of discussing a
scholarly article or book chapter (25-35 pages per class meeting); analyzing historical
documents; viewing film clips; interviewing guest speakers; student presentations; and group
work on the research project.