Communication and Culture | Communication, Culture, and Social Formations (Topic: Gender, Culture, and Narrative in America)
C314 | 29026 | Lepselter, S.

MW, 11:15 AM-12:30 PM, TBA

Meets with AMST-A 350

Instructor: Susan Lepselter
Office: 800 E. 3rd St. Ė room 285
Phone: 856-3878

How is gender created, contested, and made meaningful through
narrative in America? How do the stories we tell produce both
possibilities and limitations in the ways we imagine masculinity,
femininity and the transgression of boundaries?  Most broadly, this
class asks students to think rigorously and creatively about
gendered expression in various narrative media in America. We will
look at various performances of gender and sexuality within a wide
range of narrative genres (both scholarly and popular), including
ethnography, fiction, film, memoir, the graphic novel, and the
Internet.  We will pay particularly close attention to expressive
responses to dominant gender narratives before, during and after the
rise of 1970s feminism, and to narratives of transformation in
topics ranging from psychoanalysis to TV makeovers. Through lecture,
students will be introduced to relevant concepts in social theory.

Texts may include in whole or in part:

Tannen, Deborah. You Just Donít Understand: Women and Men in
Danticat, Edwidge.  Krik? Krak!
Limon, Jose. Dancing with the Devil: Society and Cultural Poetics in
Mexican-American South Texas
Freud, Sigmund.  Dora: Fragment of an Analysis of a Case History
Adams, Rachel, ed. The Masculinity Studies Reader
Rosen, Jonathan. Eveís Apple