Communication and Culture | Seminar in Pedagogy in Communication and Culture (Topic: Instruction in Speech Communication for AIs)
C545 | 8113 | Gray, M.

MW, 1:00 PM-2:15 PM, C2 272

Obtain online authorization from the department
Open to Graduates Only!

Instructor: Mary Gray
Office: 800 E. 3rd St. – room 214
Phone: 855-4379

The course is designed to help prepare graduate students for careers
as university faculty members.  Generally, graduate students who
will be teaching courses in the department are required to take C545
during their first semester.

The quality of undergraduate teaching continues to become more
important in tenure and promotion cases, and today’s undergraduates
can have high expectations regarding the teaching abilities of their
instructors.  New faculty members across all types of institutions
often have hundreds of students each semester and several thousand
during their pre-tenure years.  Substantive pedagogical training
should be an integral component of preparing to enter an academic

We will address teaching fundamentals such as planning lessons,
leading discussions, fostering an interactive classroom, using
technology, constructing examinations, grading oral and written
work, managing instructor-student interactions, and developing a
teaching portfolio.  We also will recognize that these practical
matters are best discussed within the context of contemporary
research and pedagogical theory.  In other words, we will discuss
not only how to run an effective and efficient classroom, but also
the intellectual and cultural implications entailed by the art of

A fundamental assumption of the course is that the teaching and
research activities of a university faculty member are intimately
connected.  Teaching and research present two sites within which
scholars work to generate knowledge, influence audiences, and work
for social change.  We will focus on strategies for bringing
research interests into the classroom, so that teaching and research
are recognized as two parts of a productive whole.

Students will be expected to come to class well-prepared to
participate in class discussions, and will be expected to share and
interrogate their own experiences as a teacher during the semester.
Assignments may include a teaching journal, a book review, and a
statement of teaching philosophy.