Comparative Literature | Literary and Television Genres
C252 | 14754 | Ed Chamberlain

MW 5:45-7:00
fulfills A&H requirement

In this course, we will compare how television programs and texts tell
stories in selected genres of expression like soap operas,
biographies, memoirs and scripted “reality” adventures.  We will
discuss the ideological and theoretical scopes of these popular
genres, and spend time evaluating how one media represents the other.
In other words, we will discuss how media and texts intersect and
overlap.  Among the issues we will consider are: how do television
shows depict people reading?  How do these genres discuss literature?
How do novels, short stories and/or plays discuss the influence of
television in people’s lives?  What roles do actors have in literary
depictions of television shows?  What are the limits of
made-for-television adaptations of literature?  How do advertisements
influence the way we think of the shows we watch?  How did literature
depict the same genres before the advent of television?  How do both
television and literature blur the boundaries between fiction and
reality?  To consider these questions, we will study several short
stories, TV programs, a memoir, alternative video and several more
forms of cultural representation.