Comparative Literature | Modern Lit and the Other Arts
C255 | 8131 | Prof. David Hertz

TR 11:15-12:30
fulfills A&H, IW, and CS requirements

This is the course that takes us into the creative mind of the modern
artist, composer and poet and into the analytical mind of the critic.
In C255, we analyze works of art (painting, music and literature) of
the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, compare how these works interrelate
and discover how they are unique. We learn what motivates the creative
personality and how such a person turns materials, sounds, silences
and language into art. We also observe how styles in the arts change
over time. Students of C255 see, hear and comprehend art in new,
exciting and discriminating ways. For example, we discover how a
musician paints a seascape, how a painter composes motion and how a
poet creates musical and visual effects in verbal expression. We also
study how the arts evolved from the 18th century, through the Romantic
era, and the early modern period. By the end of the course, the
student-through her/his own secured powers of discernment, increased
confidence and strengthened abilities of perception - will determine
what constitutes a work of art.

Requirements, Assignments and Course Activities: Visits to the IU Art
Museum. Two 3-4
page papers and one 6-8 page comparative paper.  Midterm and final
exam; possible group or individual project.  No prerequisites and no
previous experience in literature, painting or music is required or
expected. Visits to the IU Art Museum.  Attend at least three cultural

Required readings (subject to minor change):

Goethe, Sorrows of Young Werther
Poetry anthology, revised throughout semester (Oncourse)
Ortega y Gasset, “Dehumanization of Art” (e-reserves)
Maupassant, selected short stories (oncourse or e-reserve)
Vaughan, Romanticism and Art
Blistène, History of Twentieth Century Art
Other short readings to be assigned throughout the semester (check
oncourse and e-reserve and stay tuned)