Comparative Literature | Diasporic Literatures
C360 | 27303 | Prof. Angela Pao

Department of Comparative Literature, Fall 2008

TR 11:15-12:30
fulfills A&H and CS requirements

Topic: Desire

This course will examine how the desire for wealth, power, love,
knowledge, or spiritual transcendence was transposed into literary
forms in the 19th and early 20th centuries.  We will be reading works
of fiction, drama and poetry traditionally identified with the
Realist, Naturalist, and Symbolist movements.  We will consider the
socio-cultural contexts that made desire such a prominent theme in
19th-century literature; the relationship of melodrama to realism and
naturalism; the fascination with the exotic; the imperial presence;
and the impact of new practices -- from publishing to shopping – on
the literature of the period.

Readings will include novels by Gustave Flaubert (Sentimental
Education), Thomas Hardy (Jude the Obscure), Émile Zola (Thérèse
Raquin), and Oscar Wilde (the Picture of Dorian Gray); plays by Ibsen
(Hedda Gabler), Chekhov (The Three Sisters), and August Strindberg
(The Ghost Sonata); and poetry and essays by Charles Baudelaire and
William Butler Yeats.

C335 Written Assignments:
One 5-6 and one 7-8 page paper
Take-home final exam
Short response assignments