Comparative Literature | Workshop in Literary Translation
C581 | 8140 | Prof. Bill Johnston

Department of Comparative Literature, Fall 2008

Workshop in Literary Translation (4 CR)

MW 2:30-3:45

This workshop will focus on practical issues of literary translation.
We will consider the problems of translating poetry, prose, drama, and
other genres. Class time will be devoted to the analysis of existing
translations, workshops on translation issues, and to work on our own
translations. A strong emphasis will be placed on professional aspects
of literary translation such as publication and representation.
Evaluation will be by a series of practical assignments revolving
around short translation projects in different genres. A wide range of
languages will be represented in class, though we will always be
translating into English. You will need a thorough knowledge of
English and at least one other language. No prior experience of
literary translation is required