COLL-E 104 14285 Language and Gender (Trix) (S&H) (3 cr.)

2:30 PM 3:20 PM MW

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In Language and Gender, we study how language affects our sense of ourselves as women or men. We also study how women and men use language differently. We will consider language and gender in written communications, including internet postings, graffiti, letters of recommendation, and academic writing. But we will focus on language in face to face interaction. How do women and men talk in single gender groups and in mixed gender groups? What is the nature of these differences and what is their origin? We will also consider language and gender in different subcultures and cultures. Finally we will study language and gender in specific contexts: in the home, in the classroom and university, in the business world, in science, and in the public arena. Overall, this course will make you more aware of the power of language to influence people, of the complexity of issues of language and gender in society, and of our growing ability to study these complexities.